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Michelle Levy is a freelance book editor for international clientele, and teaches creative writing in Westchester County, NY. She holds an M.A. in Writing and Publishing from DePaul University and an Editing Certificate from the University of Chicago Publishing Program. She earned her B.A. in English and Psychology at New York University. She worked for five years as a Development Editor at McGraw-Hill and five years as a Development Editor at Fairchild Books, a subsidiary of Condé Nast. Her essays have appeared in Hippocampus Magazine, Center for Humans and Nature, Saltfront Magazine, and more. 




Whether you're looking for a literary agent, or seeking to self-publish,

I will evaluate, develop, and polish your manuscript, book proposal, and pitch letters. I use my

time-tested technique to help you capture the attention of agents, then offer continuing support

throughout the negotiation of your book contract, book design, and production.

You can count on me to be a warm body at your book launch. 

I tutor students 1:1 in all aspects of writing

and I'm available for team-building and communications

workshops in corporate settings. 


Classes: Crafting Creative Nonfiction / Nature-Inspired Writing / Healing Through Writing / Brainstorming for Your Next Book / Writing From Visual Prompts / Writing and Mindfulness Techniques / Spoken Word Workshop

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In my workshops, I teach you to access a mode of experience called “flow.” Writing in the flow produces prose that's clear, compelling, and entertaining. Participants take a deep dive into their creative center using techniques from method acting, yoga, reiki, and meditation disciplines. During each session, the physical exercises and writing prompts are designed to enhance your sensory awareness and improve your vitality.


Please click on Services to see how I can help you publish your work. 

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