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My early experiences climbing trees and collecting bugs led to quests in the Amazon, and my curiosity about science led to a BA in psychology with specialization in neuroscience. 



I won a blank journal in contest in sixth grade, and loved language arts, which led to an MA in Writing and a Certificate in Manuscript Editing. Also a tendency to hoard craft-of-writing books.

Jet Ski


I believe that to write vivid prose, you have to live life to its fullest. I am an adventurer, a documentarian, and a truth-teller. I strive to share writing that entertains as it heals.

Snowy Mountain


Ghosted After a Ski Trip

Humans and Nature

Coffee and Conversation


"Michelle is an exceptional editor. She is devoted to making each piece the very best it can be and goes above and beyond in all that she does. She never misses a deadline and is responsive and thoughtful with her feedback." 


Lisa Goodman, Author

Does This Hospital Gown Come With Sequins?


Comfortable in My Thick Skin

"Michelle was knowledgeable, intuitive, motivational, personable, and well-organized. She infused a heightened awareness of using the senses--and of incorporating metaphors and other poetic devices into our prose."  


Nancy L. 

This was a wonderful experience for me. I learned to become aware of the mundane, and to use details to describe a prominent impression. I really liked writing to the prompts. I enjoyed the camaraderie of other writers. The course went above and beyond my expectations. 


Shelly G. 

"Michelle's teaching style, demeanor, training, and presentation were fantastic!!"


Shawn M. 

"Thank you for your lessons, your time, the nature hike, and convincing me to tour the labyrinth. It was spiritually amazing, a moment in time that I will always cherish. I also LOVED the articles--both very inspirational. I'm practicing listening to my surroundings more, and I love it. I decided to start a journal, inspired by you." 


Ada G. 

"I loved this experience. The handouts were fun to read and provocative to ruminate over. I gained an awareness of not only my writing style, but also of the capabilities of the others in the group. We learned from you and from one another." 


Edna C. 

"Professional writers know that writing is rewriting. And no one - NO ONE - will help you arrange, edit, and rewrite your prose like the spectacular Michelle Levy. I could go on and on about her talents, but she'd just edit me down to three words: Michelle's the best."


Joel Chasnoff, Comedian and Author

The 188th Crybaby Brigade

"What I loved most about the course was the how she cleverly wove in pieces of holistic wellness, via breathing exercises, visualization, and meditations. This made for an enjoyable and relaxing experience that felt like a session of self-care. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Michelle in either a group or 1:1 will be blessed with a most unique and skilled writer and communicator!"

Kirsti Pesso, Wellness Coach

Thrive With Kirsti Pesso

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How to Write an Environmental Pledge (Click to download PDF) 
Detox Write Meditation - Michelle Levy
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